Any stylist, cosmetologist, permanent makeup artist, or honest friend will tell you, your eyebrows are one of the primary features defining the uniqueness of your face.  Studies demonstrate that people can identify you by your eyebrows almost as often as they do by your eyes.

If a woman desires to look feminine and youthful, her eyebrows will become a focal point in caring about her appearance.  Far back in time, women from every socio-economic, ethnic, and geographic background have attempted numerous ways to enhance their appearance by improving the shape, colour, or size of their eyebrows.  Women understand the importance of beautiful eyebrows in order to frame their eyes and give their face a pleasant expression.

From tweezing to waxing, surgical lifting to stencilling, tweezing to transplants, the eyebrows are a major target of modification for most women.  If you are considering any of these methods, or others, permanent makeup provides the easiest and longest solution for beautiful eyebrows.  Eyebrows which are too sparse, too light, or basically non-existent, can be beautifully enhanced and improved with semi permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, or cosmetic tattoos to create natural looking eyebrows.

Permanent Eyebrows – Painless to Do – Done to Perfection semi Permanent Eyebrows are an easy and immediate cosmetic solution that can be a painless procedure.

After Your Procedure Eyebrows take the longest healing time of any permanent makeup procedure. Normally, during the first four days, it will look as though you used a dark  pencil.  By day four or five, the area tends to become a bit scaly as the top layer has to shed on its own. You should not exfoliate. you can not get water on them for 7 days!  Never rub or scrub on or around the area.

Within a couple of weeks the years you spent drawing them on will be a distant memory. The result will be the eyebrows of your dreams looking back at you in the mirror.  Then a couple of weeks later, you will visit Rachel again for a perfection appointment.

Tattooed Eyebrows Women of all ages are getting tattooed eyebrows. From 18 to 80, they see the benefits of the perfect size, shape, and colour to match your goals and your facial features.   Maybe you are not able to apply make up with a steady hand anymore or maybe you just don't have the spare time.  

Your Specialist for Undetectable Cosmetic Solutions You want to be confident in knowing you’ll be showcasing your natural beauty instead of any procedures you’ve had done to enhance it. You have only one face. Your one set of eyebrows is a highly visible part of it. Don’t risk your entire appearance by going to a fly-by-night, so-called permanent makeup artist who will have your eyebrows looking like birds in flight or one of the mismatched colours of the rainbow.  Cosmetic tattooing should be undetectable giving you a natural, makeup-free look.